Our Teas & Tisanes

Make your selection from Hope & Glory’s range of handpicked, premium, organic speciality teas and buy them on-line here. We offer all of our teas in pyramid bag and loose leaf tea options. Here too you’ll find not just descriptions of our tea and their all-organic ingredients but also advice on how long it should take to make the perfect home brew.

At Hope & Glory freshness and flavour are top of our list, which is why all of our packaging has been designed to let your tea be the best it can be. Select your preferred packaging option from the dropdown list. All our teas are available in loose leaf sachets or pyramid bags.

As founders of Hope & Glory Tea, we think we’ve found the packaging that perfectly suits the quality and refinement of our teas and tea blends. But we’ve also invested in features to make our product more sustainable and kinder to the environment:

  • Polyethylene envelopes, the very first of its kind in the tea industry
  • Recyclable and reusable metal caddies
  • Recyclable paper sleeves
  • Recyclable cartons cartons
  • Extra-long cotton tags securely tied to extra-long recyclable brand tags. (So no more fishing tags out of your cuppa!)