To us, sustainability is an obligation – not just a word chosen to convey a sense of social responsibility. Hope & Glory is 100% devoted to sustainability. Preserving and sustaining our planet & its resources - caring deeply for of the world we all live in - inspires everything we do.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability. It’s there in everything the Hope & Glory brand touches, including packaging, shipping, employment conditions, distribution and more. We are constantly evolving, changing and adapting to improve our sustainability solutions.

We work and consult with academic institutions, government organisations, clients, assessors and other experts to ensure that we not only follow best practice but lead the way in sustainability.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact can be clearly seen in our packaging solutions.

The Hope & Glory® Packaging Philosophy
Substance, Style & Sustainability

Substance, style and sustainability. The three cornerstones of our industry-leading packaging philosophy.

Tea devotees know that Hope & Glory® has redefined the standard of premium tea. We pride ourselves in offering the best that premium tea can be -- 100% organic, handpicked, whole-leaf and ethically-sourced from rare, sustainable tea gardens around the world. Since our launch four years ago, our tea collections have won several awards.

Our packaging reflects our brand’s quality ethos and quest for innovation. Luxurious, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable, our ambition is to ensure our packaging demonstrates our commitment to help customers get the most out of their premium tea experience, whilst doing the right thing for our planet

It embodies our promise to care for the environment.  Our aim is to lead the tea industry in sustainability. As such, we’re also proud to say that the innovative technology behind our packaging is the very first of its kind in the tea world.


Like fine wine, we imbibe premium tea’s character through its aroma, flavour, body and finish.

Hope & Glory’s sturdy, airtight metal caddies, snug cartons and gift sets are designed and constructed to retain and preserve not only the long-term freshness of organic Hope & Glory tea, but its complex character and well-being benefits.

It makes no difference whether you prefer your tea in loose-leaf sachets or pyramid bags. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the superior qualities and unique goodness of Hope & Glory’s premium organic teas and tea blends. What’s more, we’ve made sure to include all the important details relating to the provenance and origins of our 21 different tea varieties. Look out too for advice on how to prepare the perfect brew.


Our Hope & Glory Tea caddies and silk matte sachets add a touch of elegance and refinement to any table, trolley or tea service.

We’ve chosen gold and silver for our principal colours, but also colour coded borders in pastel shades to distinguish each of our 100% organic premium tea and tisane collections.  Green for our Nurturing Collection (Chamomile, Peppermint, Rooibos, Relax). Pink for our Delicate Collection (Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Green). Lavender for our Signature Collection (Red Velvet, Masala Chai, Organic Vanilla Chai). Blue for Classic (Assam, English Breakfast), and Exclusive (White, White Assam, Virgin Tea).


Sustainability is at the heart of Hope & Glory® Tea. As an environmentally sustainable brand, we are extremely selective about where and from whom we source our tea, paying special attention to how it is grown, processed packed and distributed. We’re proud to display our certifications from the Soil Association and FairTrade, as well as our association with the ethical sourcing groups across all the countries and the gardens that we work with.

We believe our packaging (of our products and the materials used for our customers deliveries) embodies our sustainability ethos, and reflects how very seriously we take our responsibilities to the environment and the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Hope & Glory’s packaging is made up of 100% sustainable materials. Every component is either biodegradable (tea leaves), recyclable and/or reusable (tea caddies, cartons, sachets and boxes).

Quite possibly no other premium tea brand has invested as much in sustainable packaging innovations as we have. For instance, Hope & Glory® is the first tea brand in the world to use sachets or envelopes made from 100% polyethylene recyclable plastic (high density polyethylene/HDPE) considered the easiest material to recycle, with almost unlimited potential. 

By the end of 2020, Hope & Glory® will be the first all-organic tea brand to launch a fully biodegradable, certified organic pyramid bag, the very first of its kind in the world. Made from material taken from sugar beet and sugarcane, it will biodegrade in approximately 33 days. It will be the first zero-plastic tea solution of its kind.

And it does not stop there. Our commitment to sustainability also means we are working with academia and government groups to lead the Tea Industry into a better future for our planet – aiming to become the first tea brand to discover the first all-organic, fully-biodegradable, premium tea packaging for all elements of our packaged teas and tisanes.

We do not use any single use plastics (SUPs) anywhere in our packaging. In fact, we aim to remove all SUPs from our business entirely by the end of 2020 (e.g. transparent adhesive tape). We listen carefully to the advice of experts from university institutions specialising in sustainability and packaging, and government bodies such as the On-Pack Recycling Label Scheme (OPRL). Their findings show that the use of recyclable plastic is the most preferable packaging solution, having less impact on the environment. (We can apply the same reasoning for using recyclable/reusable plastic cups instead of disposable cups.)

We have begun working with leading universities specialising in Sustainability on the next series of our packaging innovations. We hope this will help us to fulfil Hope & Glory®’s global sustainability promise and continue to lead the tea industry’s progress towards a sustainable future.

Do you have any questions on Hope & Glory Tea’s packaging philosophy? We’d be happy to hear from you. Please contact Bharat at OR +44 (0) 1438 878346